19thC Royal Silver Lime Pot Laos EUO11


Fashioned from solid cast high content silver, this 19th century container was used for keeping slaked lime which was added to betel nut and spices, then chewed, providing a mild intoxication. This was a popular habit throughout much of SE Asia and remains so today in many places.

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The lid and base are decorated with a simple, elegant design and fit neatly together, which is unusual for older vessels such as this. This is an exceptionally rare item as these solid silver lime containers were only commissioned by members of the Royal Court located in Luang Prabang. While there are some superficial marks on the lime pot, it is in good condition given its age. A white, powdery residue from the slaked lime lines the walls of the vessel.

Height: 11cm, 4.3 in
Circumference: 15cm, 6 in
Weight: 123g / 4.3 oz.
Material: solid cast silver
Provenance: Luang Prabang antique dealer
Period: Early – Mid 19th century

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