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sabai designs gallery

A Passion for Asian Antiques

Our passion for travel and Eastern artifacts inspired us to create sabai designs gallery; a place where you can find unique creations and discover the rich artistic heritage of Southeast Asia. We have lived and traveled in this region for over 20 years, forming lasting friendships with local artists, artisans, and antique dealers – all the while learning about the diverse cultures, histories, and crafts of the countries that we visit.

In our gallery, you can find a variety of authentic and rare pieces from Asia’s past, including antiques, collectibles, tribal artifacts, art, and textiles from Burma, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, and Yunnan. We carefully select each piece based on its quality, beauty, and significance, and provide detailed information about the origin, meaning, and value of each artifact based on our personal experience and extensive research. We guarantee the authenticity of all our antique items with a certificate.

We also showcase some contemporary creations from the different peoples of Southeast Asia, such as silk textiles from Laos, cotton textiles from the Naga and Chin of Burma, and original etchings created by Thai artist, Vorakorn Metmanorom. 

Our Philosophy

In an era trending towards homogeneous conformity, we find that artifacts from the past offer a great source of enjoyment, inspiration, and connection to a time when artists and artisans worked with patient care to produce meaningful works of art as well as embellishing objects of everyday use and ritual with expressive flair and symbolic significance. We hope to enrich the home décor of our clients with wonderfully distinct designs that reflect the rich and varied heritage of Southeast Asia’s peoples.

Treasures of the East Delivered to Your Doorstep

We travel Asia in search of rare, beautiful, and exotic artifacts so that we can make them available to you online with the click of a button.

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