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sabai designs gallery

A Passion for Asian Antiques

sabai designs gallery evolved from a mutual passion for travel and an appreciation of the artistic traditions of the East. After two decades of traveling and living abroad we gravitated towards Southeast Asia where we have spent much of the past 20 years. Over that time we have formed lasting friendships with antique dealers, artisans, and artists throughout SE Asia, learning all the time about the diverse cultures of the region, their history, and unique creations.

Our gallery offers an exotic range of antiques, collectibles, tribal artifacts, art, and textiles from Burma, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, and Yunnan. We go to great lengths to source genuine, often rare pieces from Asia’s past; from works of art such as bronze Buddha statues and religious woodcarvings to objects considered important items of use and ritual, including lacquerware, opium weights, bronze bells, ceramics, textiles, tribal jewelry, and rare tobacco and opium pipes.

We make a particular effort to provide accurate, detailed information in the description of each object, drawing on personal experience, knowledge from local experts, as well as research from a wide variety of books by authors devoted to the study of specific Asian artistic traditions. For all antique items we provide a certificate of authenticity.

We also offer more recently made items from the various peoples of this part of the world, including beautifully woven silk textiles from Laos, cotton textiles from the Naga and Chin of Burma, as well as original etchings.

Our Philosophy

 In an era trending towards homogeneous conformity, we find that artifacts from the past offer a great source of enjoyment, inspiration, and connection to a time when artists and artisans worked with patient care to produce meaningful works of art as well as embellishing objects of everyday use and ritual with creative expression. We hope to enrich the home décor of our clients with the wonderful designs that have evolved from the various peoples of Southeast Asia.

Treasures of the East Delivered to Your Doorstep

We travel Asia in search of rare, beautiful, and exotic artifacts so that we can make them available to you online with the click of a button.

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