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Presented here is a  collection of photographs featuring Asian antiques, artifacts, art, and textiles taken in the context of an Oriental style home setting.

About Asian Home Decor

Since early trade between the East and West, the Orient has been a source of exotic and beautiful objects, textiles, and art from which Europeans, Americans, and Antipodeans have enriched the interiors of their homes, gardens, and offices. With the increasing accessibility to Asian countries, Westerners have been made aware of the potential of Eastern artifacts to enhance their living spaces and create an uplifting ambience.  The unique aesthetic of Asian cultures can be introduced to Western interiors to create a wonderful harmony of influences.

We celebrate Eastern elegance as a decorative style with its sumptuous colors, textures, and designs – often with origins steeped in deep philosophical understanding and tradition. Artists and artisans of Southeast Asia have, over millennia, created a vast vocabulary of creative expression, from towering statues of the Buddha to utilitarian objects of everyday use made with painstaking attention to surface detail, including symbolic motifs of cultural importance.

Southeast Asia offers a treasure trove of artifacts to draw inspiration from when decorating with an Oriental influence – antique lacquerware from Burma, hand woven silk wall hangings from Laos, Buddha statues and ceramics from Thailand, architectural elements from Vietnam, and tribal textiles from Nagaland, to mention but a few.

We hope that our humble online gallery can serve as a source of interesting, beautiful, and often unique pieces to our visitors. If there is something that you desire that is not currently offered, please let us know and we will endeavor to find it for you. 

Asian Home Decor

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