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Javanese “Loro Blonyo” Wood Carving Statues EUO119

From Java, Indonesia, this pair of statues depicting husband and wife is from the 19th century. The statues carved in hardwood have a complex, naturally aged patina and are in excellent condition without damage or repairs.

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In Java, these statues are referred to as “Loro Blonyo” which can be translated as ‘inseparable couple’. The tradition of creating these delightful sculptures originated in Yogyakarta and dates back centuries. To the Javanese, they symbolize harmony and hospitality.

Genuine Javanese “Loro Blonyo” wood carvings from this period in such good condition are exceedingly rare.

Height: 56cm, 22 in
Width: 14cm, 6 in
Weight: 6.5KG / 14.3lb (pair)
Period: 19th Century

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