Standing Burmese Buddha Statue ABA64

Sculpted from hardwood, this standing Burmese style Buddha statue is in the posture known as the ‘Disclosing the Three Worlds’ mudra. It denotes when the Buddha talked about the ‘Three Worlds’: the world of desire, the pure material world, and the pure spiritual world.

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The artist has skillfully captured the grace and tranquility of the Buddha with flowing lines and sensitively carved robes, face, and hands. The patina is complex with a mottled, textured surface in hues of ocher, black and faded turquoise.

The statue is in excellent condition with just one thin superficial crack at the back which does not affect the structural integrity of the piece.

Period: Late 20th Century
Height: (including stand): 129cm, 51 in
Width hand to hand: 41cm, 16 in
Weight: 12 KG / 26.5 pounds

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