Buddhist Teppanom Angels Burma ABA67

This pair of teppanom angels is beautifully sculpted from hardwood,  polychromed and gilded. There is one small repair at the crown of the angel in green costume. Antique Burmese Teppanom angels are rarely seen nowadays.

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Teppanom are mythological angels and part of the Buddhist tradition in Thailand, Laos and Burma. Teppanom serve as attendants to the Buddha; one holds their hands in the attitude of respect while the other cradles a conch shell to call the lost to the Dharma. Teppanom also spelled Thepphanom, are seen at Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia and serve as guardians. They are most often represented as a male / female pair.

Height: 56cm, 22 in
Width: 16cm, 6.3 in, (at shoulders)
Weight: 1.13 KG / 2.5 pounds
Period: Early 20th century

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