Antique Tribal Silver Bracelet ETJ142


This 19th century hill tribe bracelet is most likely Hmong, or possibly Mien (Yao) in origin since this design was popular with both hill tribe groups. Time and use has created a pleasantly smooth surface with partial erosion of the original etched designs. These heirloom pieces of silver jewelry were passed down through the generations as was custom among hill tribe peoples.

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The bracelet is made of solid high grade silver, feels heavy in the hand, and is in good condition with a beautifully aged patina.

Reference: Paul & Elaine Lewis, Peoples of the Golden Triangle p.41


Diameter: 6.6cm, 2.6 in
Opening: 3.2cm, 1.26 in
Weight: 100 grams / 3.5 oz.
Period: 19th Century

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