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Hmong Solid Silver Medicine Box Laos EUO107


This beautiful antique silver box is from Luang Prabang. It was made in the 19th century by a Hmong silversmith using repousse and chasing techniques and is testament to their renowned talent for working with silver. These semi-circular boxes were used to store expensive medicines and other precious items. This is a particularly fine example in excellent condition, with intricate decoration on all sides. Even the underside has been decorated with a horse figure and an inscription in the ancient language, Pali.

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The surfaces have worn smooth from use, and in a couple of places, small holes have appeared where the silver has worn through at the extremity. It is the finest example of Hmong silver work that we have encountered to date. The box is in fine condition, remains fully functional with original hinges, and the lid closes neatly. The patina of the silver is very lovely.

Width: 9.6cm, 3.8 in
Height: 4.5cm, 1.8 in
Weight: 140g / 5oz
Period: 19th Century
Material: solid high-grade silver

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