Hmong Silver Opium Poppy Hairpin ETJ181

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In the shape of an opium poppy, this antique silver hairpin was crafted by the Hmong, a hill tribe people of Laos who once cultivated a large expanse of opium poppies in the mountains. Laos, along with Burma and Thailand made up what became known as the infamous Golden Triangle.

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This antique silver hairpin is elegantly fashioned from high grade silver and is in excellent condition. It’s a beautiful and unusual relic from the past.

To harvest the opium, incisions were made on the head of the poppy and the sap collected on the blade of a knife. Fine incision marks can be seen on the hairpin in sets of 3 as was custom.

Length: 14.9cm, 5.9 inches
Weight: 15 grams

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