Antique Hmong Silver Torque ETJ180

This is a stunning antique Hmong neck band or torque made from solid cast high grade silver, weighing 135g / 4.8oz. With graceful curves and incised decoration at the turned down ends, bearing a simple floral motif, this simple traditional Hmong design became very popular. We had a custom built stand made for the torque so that it could be displayed.

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When the Hmong were forced to stop growing opium cash crops some decades ago, the commissioning of such extravagant pieces also came to an end. Genuine antique pieces such as this are coveted by collectors.

The Hmong, an ethic minority found throughout SE Asia and southern China, are well known for their impressive silversmith skills and unique designs.

Width at widest point: 16.5cm, 7.4 in
Height: 17cm, 6.7 in
Weight: 135g, 4.8oz
Period: 19th century

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