Antique Yao / Mien Silver Earrings Vietnam ETJ172

This pair of rare antique tribal silver earrings was made by the Yao (aka Dao / Mien) minority hill tribe people of Lai Chau, North-western Vietnam. They are made from solid high grade silver and have a naturally aged patina, dating back to late 19th – early 20th century.

Antique silver hill tribe jewellery is being copied now with newly made pieces being sold as ‘antique’. The difference between authentic pieces and newly made copies is obvious on close inspection and is also commonly reflected in the price.

The Dao (pronounced “Zao” and also referred to as Yao & Mien) minority people of Vietnam first arrived from China in the 18th century. Part of the Hmong-Dao language group, about 630,000 Dao are found throughout Vietnam’s Northern provinces, living in large villages or small isolated villages. Subgroups include the Dao Quan Trang (White Trousers Dao), Dao Ao Dai (Long Tunic Dao), Dao Dau Troc (Shaven-Headed Dao) and Dao Do (Red Dao). The Red Dao wear a striking red head cloth decorated with tassels and bells. The Dao are highly skilled expert artisans.


Height: 4.5cm, 1.8 in
Weight: 11 grams / 0.4 oz
Material: Solid cast high grade silver
Period: Late 19thC – early 20thC
Provenance: Lai Chau, NW Vietnam

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