Antique Hmong Silver Soul Lock Pendant ETJ123


This square shaped soul lock pendant with woven silver bands is a style rarely seen; perhaps a more recent innovation in design compared to older Hmong pendants. It is made from solid high grade silver.

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For centuries, silver soul lock pendants have been worn by the Hmong to keep the restless soul from taking flight from the body until the appropriate time has come.

The Hmong are an interesting mountain dwelling people found throughout SE Asia and southern China and are renowned for their silversmith skills and unique designs. They were the first hill tribe group to successfully cultivate opium.

Width: 4cm, 2 in
Height: 4cm, 2 in
Weight: 7.5 grams /0.26
Period: Mid 20thC

Reference: Paul & Elaine Lewis, Peoples of the Golden Triangle p.54

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