Antique Tribal Silver Bracelet ETJ82


This antique silver hill tribe bracelet bears a traditional zig zag motif. Wide band silver bracelets with engraved decoration such as this would be worn mainly by the women of the Lahu, Akha and Lisu minority hill tribe groups of Southeast Asia. The bracelet is made from high grade silver and at 65 grams / 2.3 oz, it is one of the heaviest flat style bracelets we have seen, with a thicker band than most.

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This bracelet retains its aged patina but if desired could be polished to a high shine. It was acquired in Laos where authentic antique hill tribe silver jewellery has almost disappeared.


Diameter (inside): 6.3cm, 2.5 in
Width of band: 3.7cm, 1.5 in
Opening: 3cm, 1.2 in (flexible)
Weight: 65 grams/2.3 oz
Period: Late 19th century
Provenance: Luang Prabang, Laos

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