Hmong Silver Earrings Laos ETJ176


This is a particularly sought after design from the various antique tribal silver earrings made by hill tribe groups in Southeast Asia. They are from a Hmong village in the mountains of Northern Laos and are made from solid high grade silver formed into an open circle with a decorated arrowhead shape. They are worn by both the Hmong and Yao as a protective amulet; the arrow pointing up to ensure a favorable flow of universal forces.

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These antique Hmong silver earrings are rarely seen today.

The Hmong are a colorful hill tribe people whose homeland is in the mountainous regions of southern China. Hmong living in Laos number around 200,000 and are divided into four sub-groups; the White Hmong, Striped Hmong, Red and Black Hmong. They are renowned for their enviable silversmith skills and unique designs.

Diameter: 2.2cm, 0.9in
Weight: 13 grams
Period: 19th century

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