Silk Wall Hanging | Runner STL20


This is a striking silk art textile created by a master weaver in Laos. It is particularly long and narrow with intricate and beautifully executed zigzag and diamond motifs woven throughout the entire piece in silver and shades of purple with accent colors in orange, olive and brown. It was created over several weeks on a traditional wooden loom and is a one of a kind piece.

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Sam Neua, in the remote northern province of Houaphan, is the original home of silk weaving in Laos. Sam Neua weavers are renowned for their mastery and creativity, taking silk weaving to a level where it is considered an art form.

The bamboo hanger is not included, but can be purchased here – bamboo silk hanger.

Length: 224cm, 88 in
Width: 27 cm, 10.6 in

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