Exceptional Boutique Silk Textile STL06


Representing the very finest in silk weaving, this stunning silk textile is from a boutique silk weaving studio in Vientiane dedicated to this mesmerizing art form. The studio has played a significant role in reviving the tradition of silk weaving and taking it to a new level of mastery.

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This remarkable silk textile was woven on a traditional wooden loom using the finest silk. An intricate and complex series of beautifully executed motifs are woven throughout the piece. The motifs used are very symbolic to the Laotian people and originated over 1000 years ago. They include human figures, birds, temples and diamonds which are thought to attract good fortune. Of particular note are the wonderful silk tassels that complete the ends of the textile which are in the colors used to create the piece. Clients of the studio from which this silk textile came include international dignitaries and Asian royalty.

The skill required weaving a silk textile of such impressive quality and refinement can’t be overstated. This piece took several weeks to complete by a master weaver with many years experience. It could be used as a runner or as a wall hanging making a wonderful addition to Asian inspired decor.

The bamboo hanger is not included, but can be purchased here – bamboo silk hanger.

Length: 202cm, 80 in
Width: 35cm, 14 in

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