Boutique Silk Wall Hanging | Runner STL04


Representing the very finest in silk weaving, this piece is from a boutique silk weaving studio in Vientiane dedicated to this mesmerizing art form. The studio has played a significant role in reviving the tradition of silk weaving and taking it to a new level of mastery. This silk, which could be used as a runner or wall hanging, was woven on a traditional wooden loom using the finest silk, taking over a week to complete.

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The motif woven into this silk textile represents a frog – an ancient symbol found on traditional textiles throughout Southeast Asia. It is said to attract rain, vital to crops and central to existence. The smaller series of motifs toward the end of the piece represents the appearance of flowering plants springing up as the result of rain.

The colors used are beautifully subtle with tones of light blue, grey and green. The silk textile ends in fine knotted tassels. It would make a beautiful accessory to Asian inspired home decor.

The bamboo hanger is not included, but can be purchased here – bamboo silk hanger.

Length: 93cm, 79 in
Width: 22cm, 9 in

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