Boutique Silk Runner STL39


This pretty silk runner is from a family run studio in Vientiane, Laos. The family’s ancestral home is Sam Neua, where the tradition of silk weaving is centuries old and the silk weavers are renowned for their remarkable skills. Two sisters now run the studio, and were taught how to weave under the expert guidance of their mother, in keeping with Lao tradition. In 1991 their efforts were acknowledged by UNESCO for their contribution to the tradition of silk weaving in Laos. This studio uses the natural yellow silk from a specific kind of cocoon, which provides a natural look with some texture.

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This silk runner is in soft pink with a suggestion of silver at some angles of view. A central motif in grey adorns the piece which ends with a subtle motif and pink pinstripes on grey. The beautiful natural colors were achieved in a time consuming process using extract from lacquer and ebony fruit. This piece took over a week to complete and could be used as a bed or table runner.

Length: 200cm, 78.7 in
Width: 38cm, 15 in

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