Antique Shan Burmese Lacquerware Kun-It BLW52


Much coveted by collectors, this kun-it was made by the Shan of Burma,  envied for their skill in creating utilitarian objects with a strong appreciation of aesthetics and perfection of method. The Kun-it or betel box is an indispensable item of hospitality in a Burmese household. Shan lacquerware is hard to come by these days, and this is a fine example. Shan lacquerware is distinct in its preference for a deep red lacquer over the traditional orange-clay of the Bamar craftsmen.

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The condition is excellent, with expected wear on the exterior, including minor surface cracks and loss of lacquer as shown in the photos. There is no evidence of repairs.

Height: 7.3cm, 3 in
Diameter: 10cm, 4 in
Provenance: Antique Dealer, Bagan
Period: Late 19th – Early 20th century

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