Buddhist Monk Wood Carving ABA61

From Burma, this antique wood carving of a monk kneeling in respect while receiving the dharma was sculpted from teakwood in a style popular in Mandalay. It is one of a pair of monks that we recently acquired. The robed monk wears the carefree expression of one who has renounced the world to inquire wholeheartedly into the nature of existence.

The original paint has cracked, faded, and worn away in places leaving an attractive, naturally worn patina.  There are superficial cracks in the statue as shown in the photos, an inevitability with wood carvings that have endured decades of extreme weather. It is free of termite damage and has no repairs. The styling is quite rare.

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Period: Early-Mid 20th Century
Height: 34.5cm, 14 inches
Width at shoulders: 11cm, 4.5 in
Weight: 1.4 kg
Material: Teakwood
Origin: Burma

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