16thC Opium Weight 10 Tical Duck EOW77

One of the rarest and oldest of the bird forms, this opium weight is in excellent condition. This particular style of duck is distinguished by the short circular base, and circular front depression as the main sign. This is the first weight of its kind we have come across in over 10 years of collecting weights.

At the time this opium weight was cast, the kyat mass was about 14.5 grams but the weight appears to have been adjusted over time, evident at the top of the base, under the belly of the bird. The patina speaks of its age- significantly oxidized, almost stony in places.


Weight: 10 kyat/tical, 149 grams (adjusted), kyat mass: 14.5g
Height: 4.3cm, 1.7 in
Base: 3.5cm, 1.4 in
Base plan: Circular
Sign: Front Circular Depression
Period: *Gear Group 4 Ib&Ic, 1551-1595, Mollat: H1A, c.1620
Frequency: 12/1000

* Earth to Heaven: The Royal Animal-Shaped Weights of the Burmese Empire Paperback –2002 by Joan & Donald Gear

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