Antique Bronze Buffalo Bell Burma EBB60


This antique buffalo bell is from Mandalay, Burma where it is known as hka-lauk. Cast in bronze, it is decorated with a scrolling design on both sides. The bronze has a lovely patina with some green oxidization. The ‘ears’ of the bell are well worn as is the clapper which appears to be original. The bell is hung from a custom built stand.

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In Burma, the tradition of blacksmithing has always been an honored occupation associated with courage, strength and integrity. The Burmese excelled at bronze casting using the lost wax method or cire perdue and their handsome decorated bronze bells have long attracted the interest of visitors to Burma and collectors of Southeast Asian antiques.

Height: 8cm, 3.2 in
Width: 6.6cm, 2.6 in
Weight: 182g (without stand)
Height of stand: 12cm, 4.7 in
Material: bronze
Period: mid 19th century

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