Antique Burmese Bronze Elephant Bell EBB93


Referred to in Burma as chu, this handsome bronze elephant bell  is incised with traditional floral motifs as well as an inscription in Burmese characters on opposite sides. The bronze has a naturally aged patina with some green oxidization. The condition is excellent. These distinct spherical bells cast in bronze were mostly worn by elephants used to haul timber to help locate them after being set free to forage in the jungle.

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A metal ball rolls around inside the bell and sounds against the bell wall with pleasant gentle notes. The bell is hung from a custom built stand. Authentic antique elephant bells from Burma of this quality are exceedingly difficult to locate nowadays. Modern reproductions of inferior quality have started to emerge online, but are easily identified by the shiny, brassy patina and comparatively poor workmanship.

Height: 10cm, 4 in
Diameter:  8cm, 3.14 in
Weight: 420g (without stand)
Height of stand: 32cm, 12.5 in
Material: bronze
Period: Early 19th century (1800s)

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