Opium Smoking Oil Lamp | Hmong of Laos EAP38


This opium lamp was made and used by the Hmong, the Southeast Asian hill tribe people famous for cultivating opium, especially in Laos. The Hmong were heavily influenced by the Chinese tradition of smoking opium and the creation of the accouterments used to facilitate the habit. The lamp was used to prepare the opium prior to smoking as well as to hover the pipe bowl over the top of the lamp to vaporize ‘pills’ of opium, normally with the help of an assistant.

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This opium oil lamp is comprised of very thick green glass with a silver alloy base to hold the oil which is fed through the wick. The condition is excellent with no repairs.

Height: 17.5cm, 7 in
Diameter of base: 12cm, 4.7 in
Weight: 574g
Period: 20th Century

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