Antique Tribal Silver Bracelet ETJ140


This is one of the oldest silver hill tribe bracelets we have offered to date and is most likely Hmong or possibly Mien (Yao) in origin. The style was popular among both hill tribe groups. The smoothing over of the etched designs speak of its age. Pieces like this were passed down through multiple generations as was custom amongt hill tribe peoples.

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The bracelet is made of solid cast high grade silver, possibly obtained from melting down old French silver coins available during the French Protectorate established in the region in 1893. It is in fine condition with a beautifully aged patina. This is a rare piece and we have not seen another like it in nearly two decades of collecting tribal silver jewellery in the region.

Reference: Paul & Elaine Lewis, Peoples of the Golden Triangle p.41

Diameter: 7.2cm, 2.9 in
Opening: 3cm, 1.18 in
Weight: 90 grams / 3.2 oz.
Period: Late 18th – Early 19th Century

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