Vintage Tribal Hmong Embroidered Textile TTL27


This vintage tribal textile resembles a bibbed apron and is made of two rectangular pieces of cloth, the smaller at the top, joined together at the borders. The Blue Hmong use batik hemp as seen here, accented with stripes, squares, and diamonds of bright red appliquéd pieces. The smaller top rectangle is ornamented with cross-stitch embroidery in white, green, orange and blue.

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This baby-carrying cloth, known in Laos as par jeea look is over 50 years old. Apart from some minor fraying at the edges and general fading and discoloration, it is in good condition. These old Hmong textiles are full of character and make rich wall adornments. The Hmong are a colorful hill tribe people found living throughout Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Burma. Hmong mothers devote their finest skills to making these cloths for their babies.

These vintage textiles from the Hmong add an exotic presence to Asian inspired decor.

Length: 65cm, 25.6 in
Width: 47cm, 18.5 in
Tribal Group: Blue Hmong
Provenance: Antique Dealer, Vientiane
Period: Mid 20th century

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