Chin Tribal Textile Burma TTL15


This tribal textile from the Chin people was acquired from a Chin friend who comes from her village each year with a small collection of these wonderful hand woven textiles. It is a particularly long example of its kind and would make an exotic bed runner or table runner. Only a small number of these handmade textiles are produced each year in Chin villages and are coveted by textile collectors.

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The Chin are a tribal, mountain dwelling people found in the highlands of north-west Burma. They have a long tradition of weaving magnificent hand woven100% cotton textiles using the back strap method on a yakan loom. Natural dyes are used by taking extracts from indigenous plants such as the Burmese lacquer tree, wild almonds, mahogany, annatto seeds and indigo. The Chin are widely admired for their unique designs and superior weaving skills. Traditionally, these textiles are worn over the shoulders, but they make exotic table and bed runners.

Length: 240cm, 94.5 in
Width: 36cm, 14 in

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