Vintage Tribal Textile Tai-Dum TTL17


Over 50 years old, this vintage textile is a door curtain from a small village in northern Laos. Door curtains are textiles that separate the entrance ways of rooms in lieu of a door. It was woven by the Tai Dum, the predominant tribe of the Lao-Thai group. This piece is very finely woven in dark slate grey cotton on an ivory cotton backing. The end panel is in faded pink cotton with a diamond motif in pink, white, purple and blue silk threads. The textile has been dry cleaned.

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Door curtains are significant pieces because in Tai Dum tradition they protect the occupants from negative energy entering the home. Accordingly, great care was taken in making them. This rare vintage textile is in very good condition considering its age, but discoloration and stains are present on the end panels. It would make a charming wall hanging and could be framed with dramatic effect.

Length: 172cm, 68 in
Width: 63cm, 25 in
Tribal Group: Tai-Dum
Provenance: Textile Gallery, Vientiane
Period: Mid 20th century

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