Naga Tribal Textile Runner TTL32


Hand dyed and woven by the Naga of Burma, this exotic tribal textile incorporates a traditional motif in red and ends in knotted tassels. It lends itself well to being used as a table runner or single bed runner.

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The Naga are an ancient tribal people found in the hills of Northeast India and North-Western Burma. They have a long and rich tradition of textile weaving and are renowned for their flamboyant adornments for the body. Textile weaving is the preserve of women. They employ the back-strap loom tension method (sometimes called Indonesian) using handspun cotton and sometimes hemp. After the cloth has been woven, small patches of embroidery are sometimes added using a porcupine needle.

Tribal textiles from the Naga add an exotic presence to both Western and Asian inspired decor.

Length: 173cm, 68 in
Width: 31cm, 12.2 in
Provenance: Naga of Nagaland,Burma

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