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This tribal silk runner was made by the Dao (also referred to as Yao) living in the Ta Phin commune located in the mountainous district of Sa Pa in Lao Cai province, which borders China. Under a project whose partners include Oxfam and the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, Dao women are learning to make high quality products that are based on century’s old designs taken from their clothing. This textile was intended to be used as a table or bed runner and is made from a long section of black silk backed with red silk and with embroidered ends using the pine tree symbol.

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Dao women purchase cloth from the market in Sa Pa and dye it using indigo leaves from their own plot of trees. The cloth is left to soak in indigo for up to 30 days. When the main cloth is dry, embroidery is added using chemically dyed silk thread using ancient Dao motifs that are part of Dao cosmology. The Dao ascribe to a pantheist belief system that draws on the natural world and symbols used in the creation of textiles including the pine tree, peach blossom, tiger paw prints, along with bear and monkey prints. Images of people, horses, birds and the spirit of thunder also appear. Embroidery is a part of every Dao woman’s daily life and plays an important role in preserving the Dao cultural identity with symbolic motifs being precisely replicated throughout the generations.

Length: 163cm, 44 in
Width: 20cm, 8 in

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