Zodiac Stag Opium Weight Laos EOW118

In the form of a proud stag, this is beautifully cast opium weight is from Phongsali, Laos, where animal weights were commonly used to weigh opium cultivated by the Hmong as well as other precious materials. Other animals weights cast in Laos and Siam include the tiger, pig, dog, monkey, elephant, bull, horse, rabbit, bird and more. The deer or stag is a particularly rare style and this specimen is in perfect condition.

Opium weights in the form of Chinese solar zodiac animals are most commonly found in Northern Laos and Northern Thailand. Genuine weights from the 19th century and earlier are scarcely seen today, the vast majority having disappeared into collections around the world.

Height: 6.4cm, 2.5 in
Base Length: 4.5cm, 1.77 in
Weight: 112 grams
Base plan: rectangular
Period:  19th Century

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