Rare16thC Opium Weight 5 Tical Lion EOW192


This is a seldom weight from Burma – Group 5, Period KL, pre-1600s. After 24 years of visiting SE Asia and collecting weights, it’s the first of its kind that we’ve been able to offer to date.  The patina of the weight is consistent with its age and the condition is very good. It would make a prized addition to any serious weight collection.


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Weights of this diminutive size were easily lost, and from this period, very rarely seen.

Height: 2.9cm, 1.14 in
Base: 2.5cm, 1 in
Weight: 58 grams
Base plan: oval
Base lines: short verticals seen rear  (faint)
Period: 16th Century
Form: lion-king / beast

* Ref. Earth to Heaven: The Royal Animal-Shaped Weights of the Burmese Empire Paperback , 2002 by Joan & Donald Gear

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