Opium Weight 20 Tical Bronze Bird EOW29


From Myawadi, Burma, this 20 tical bird opium weight is distinguished by the pronounced chest, raked back head crest, downward curving beak, and short vertical marks on the base. This weight is classified as Group 2, C by the *Gears’.

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Height:, 2.4 in
Base: 4cm, 1.6 in
Weight: 20 kyat/tical, 268 grams (kyat mass: 15.9g)
Base plan: hexagonal
Base lines: short verticals
Sign: indistinguishable
Tail: U – shaped
Frequency: 278/1000
Period:  1785-1802, King Singu-King Bodawpaya
Form: bird

* Earth to Heaven: The Royal Animal-Shaped Weights of the Burmese Empire Paperback –2002 by Joan & Donald Gear

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