Opium Weight 5 Tical Bronze Beast EOW126


From Burma, this 5 tical beast opium weight with chest beading is exceptional for its silvery patina resulting from a variance in the alloy composition. The 9 ray star sign is very worn, but still visible. This weight is classified by *Gear as Group 2, Period E.

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The beast weight is thought to represent the Bodhisattva, or one who seeks enlightenment out of compassion to release others from suffering, as well as the Chakravartin, a divine universal monarch.

Height: 6.5cm, 2.6 in
Base:  4cm, 1.6 in
Weight: 79grams
Base plan: Octagonal
Base lines: 3 horizontal
Form: beast
Period:  1752-1767, King Hsinbyushin

* Earth to Heaven: The Royal Animal-Shaped Weights of the Burmese Empire Paperback , 2002 by Joan & Donald Gear

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