Naga Teak Wood Carving Thailand EUO131

This antique Naga teak wood carving was once part of the architectural decoration of a Thai temple exterior located near Chiang Mai and is between 80-100 years old. The Naga is an ancient mythological serpent known throughout Southeast Asia. It is believed that the Naga holds magical protective powers.

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In Buddhism, the Naga is a protector of the dharma or teachings of the Buddha, and in Laos, is seen as a symbol of fertility. This antique Naga wood carving possesses a richly textured patina and in Asia is of strong cultural significance.

The Naga has been mounted on a hardwood timber stand. After nearly a century of exposure to the elements, there is expected erosion of the structure, but otherwise it remains intact and is without repairs. There is obvious wearing away of the sharp points of the Naga’s head crest and other extremities.

Height: 96cm, 38 in
Width: 30cm, 12 in
Materials: teak wood
Provenance: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Period: Early 20th Century

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