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Vintage Hmong Baby Slippers EUO128

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This fine pair of vintage children’s slippers is from the White Leg Hmong hill tribe minority of the mountains of Northern Vietnam living in the Dien Bien Commune. They were made from hemp and then embroidered with silk threads and a floral inner sole from Yunnan sewn on. The Hmong women usually start making their children’s costumes while they are still pregnant. They often make clothes on rainy days or after finishing work in the field or after housework.

They lend themselves well to being displayed in a frame as shown in the last photograph in the series (frame not included).

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It takes a few months of daily work to complete a full costume of clothes for the coming child. The Hmong are considered masters of batik, embroidery and appliqué and their skills are widely respected by textiles collectors.

Making baby’s clothes reflects Hmong mother’s devotion to her children and provides an opportunity to show her skills learned from her own mother. The designs used cannot be identical to that of any other that is known in the village. In fact, each child’s shoes have their own unique motifs woven into them in recognition of the unique character of each child.

Length: 15cm, 6 inches
Width: 6.5cm, 2.6 inches
Period: Circa 1960s

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