19thC Burmese Betel Nut Cutters EUO101


From Mandalay, Burma, these 19th century betel nut cutters are made from bronze. Betel nut when chewed provides a mild intoxication.

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Chewing betel nut was a popular habit throughout much of Asia and remains so today in many places. It is commonly chewed after being ground up or sliced, then wrapped in leaves of the piper betel vine, and coated with lime; known as a betel quid. Tobacco or flavorful spices may also be added (photo of betel nut stand in Yangon provided). The antique cutters rest on the custom made stand provided.

Width: 15.5cm, 6 in
Height: 7.5cm, 3 in
Period: 19th Century
Provenance: Burmese Antique Dealer

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