Complete Buddhist Kammavaca from Burma

Over a century old, this sacred Buddhist manuscript is known as kammawa-sa in Burmese or Kammavaca in Pali, the language in which this text was written. Kammavaca are one of the most beautiful of all Burmese manuscripts and this example is among the rarest antiques available in our gallery.


These opulently decorated Buddhist manuscripts are significant cultural and religious objects and are extremely hard to come by nowadays. The tradition is now all but lost and only the oldest of monks and students of Pali are able to read them. They were usually commissioned as works of merit when a son entered the monkhood of a Buddhist temple. Due to their sacred nature, no expense was spared to render them objects of great beauty.


Length Covers: 61cm, 24 in
Width Covers: 14.5 cm, 5.7 in
Length Pages: 58cm, 23 in
Width Pages: 13.5 cm, 5.3 in
Weight: 3.5 kg / 7pounds
Provenance: Burmese antique dealer
Period: Mid-late 19th century

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