19thC Bronze Chinthe’ Sculpture Burma EUO05

This antique bronze sculpture is in the form of a Chinthè, a mythical lion-like creature often found guarding the entranceways to temples in Southeast Asia. It is thought to have magical protective qualities. This bronze Chinthè was found in Mandalay, Burma and is from the late 19th century. A small portion of the far right claw is missing; otherwise it is in excellent condition.

In 20 years of collecting Burmese artifacts, this is the finest bronze Chinthe’ we have seen. The stand is not included.

Length: 16cm, 6.3 in
Height: 18cm, 7 in
Width: 9cm, 3.5 in
Weight: 2kg, 4.4 pounds
Stand: 25cm, 10 in x 17cm, 6.75 in x 6cm, 2.5 in
Material: Bronze
Provenance: Mandalay antique dealer
Period: Late 19th century

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