Ancient Bronze Pot Handle 400 B.C Vietnam EUO49


This wonderful framed ancient bronze pot handle was acquired after making contact with Nguyen Thi Nhung and her partner who have one of the best collections of Vietnamese antiques and tribal artifacts in the world. This pot handle has been dated circa 2,200 years old and is from the Dong Son Period, Vietnam. It was found underground in Hoa Binh Province, just west of present day Hanoi.

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The Museum of Fine Arts displays a bronze vessel virtually in its entirety (very rare indeed) with very similarly styled handles to this one – a “braided rope handle”. I have included a photograph of this vessel for your interest. Pieces like this are sometimes discovered by farmers in Vietnam, usually when they are struck in the course of plowing, digging wells and the like. This object has a beautiful blue green archeological patina.

A certificate of authenticity along with further details on ancient bronze artifacts from the Dong Son Period will be provided with this item. The artifact has been framed behind glass but can be easily removed from the frame to be more closely inspected.

Height: 6.5cm, 2.6 inches
Width: 8cm, 3 inches
Frame: 39cm x 37cm x 5cm, 15.4 in x 14.5 in x 2 in
Material: bronze
Provenance: Antique Dealer, Hanoi
Period: Dong Son 400 B.C-100 A.D

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