Antique Bronze Temple Bell Thailand EBB71


This antique temple bell from Thailand was cast in bronze and hung from the eve of a temple in Chiang Mai. Bronze temple bells such as this are often found suspended on the eves of pavilions around temples in SE Asia and are said to attract the attention of the deva of the Tavatimsa Heaven.

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There is expected wear on the upper surface with some loss of bronze, most likely due to exposure to the elements including over a century of rainy seasons. Expected wear at the rim where the clapper hits is present as well as the loop from which is hung is present. Despite the substantial wear, the bell a strong, clear ring tone testifying to the quality of the bronze alloy. A custom built stand is provided for displaying the bell.

At the temple, the gentle tinkling ring serves as a reminder of the Buddha’s endless compassion and deep wisdom.  They are also used to signal various activities to monks and nuns, including the time to rise, meditate, chant, eat and rest. They are periodically replaced to accommodate new bells donated to the temple by devotees. They are rarer than other forms of bronze bells found in SE Asia.

Height (bell only): 11cm, 4.33 in
Diameter: 8.6 cm, 3.4 in
Weight: 537g (without stand)
Height of stand: 27.5cm, 10.8 in
Material: bronze
Period: 19th century

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