Antique Solid Silver Hmong Tobacco Pipe Laos EAP20

From the Hmong hill tribe people living in the mountains of Phongsali, this antique tobacco pipe is elegantly fashioned from solid silver (approximately 92%). The Hmong are a strongly independent mountain dwelling people found throughout Southeast Asia and southern China.

The Hmong are renowned for their silversmith skills and distinct designs found in their jewelry, textiles, and pipes. They were the first hill tribe group to successfully cultivate opium and have a penchant for silver.

Genuine antique hill tribe pipes have become a sought after collectible and rarely become available nowadays. Recently made Hmong silver pipes and jewelry are not of the same quality and due to the considerable increase in the value of silver are often silver plated instead. A custom made stand is provided to display the pipe.

Length: 18.5cm, 7.3 in
Weight: 33grams
Material: silver
Period: Early 20th century

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