Opium Smoking Accoutrements Hmong of Laos EAP35


This set of antique opium smoking accoutrements from is from the Hmong hill tribe people of Laos. The spatula handle has been fashioned from a crystal, and the mixing / cooking tray from brass and bamboo crafted into the shape of a pig’s head, which is a symbol of good luck.

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Genuine antique opium accoutrements such as this are very hard to come by nowadays, and are coveted by collectors. The Hmong are a minority hill tribe people renowned for their skills in cultivating opium poppies throughout SE Asia, in what came to be referred to as the Golden Triangle. The tradition of smoking opium has significantly diminished amongt the Hmong, but does continue in the more remote mountainous regions. The design of Hmong opium pipes and accessories borrow heavily from the Chinese.

Mixing Tray: Height 7cm, 2.8 inches
Spatula: Length 9.7cm, 3.8 inches
Materials: brass, bamboo, crystal
Period: Early 20th century

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