Antique Hmong Silver Torque ETJ101 SOLD

Made from high content silver, this remarkable antique silver torque was crafted by the Hmong, an ethic minority found throughout SE Asia and southern China. The Mien (Yao) also wore and produced this style of neck ring.

The Hmong are well known for their superior silversmith skills and unique designs. This neck band is of a tubular design and has been incised with a simple floral decoration at the centre of the band and a traditional bird design at the down-turned ends. This silver torque has received a light polish, and while there are very light scratches present, the overall condition is excellent. It has been mounted on a custom built stand for display.

Width of band: 12cm, 4.7 in
Height of band: 14cm, 5.5 in
Height on stand: 19cm, 7.5 in
Weight: 187 grams
Late 19thC – Early 20thC

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