Antique Hmong Silver Bracelet ETJ50


This is a lovely antique tribal silver bracelet with engraved decoration. Flat silver bracelets were worn mainly by the women of the Lahu, Akha and Lisu minority hill tribe groups of Southeast Asia. The bracelet is made from high grade silver and bears a beautifully detailed traditional floral motif.

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Authentic antique Hmong hill tribe silver jewellery is hard to come by nowadays. Recently made Hmong jewelry is often made from inferior alloys, aluminum, or silver plated tin and is quite easily distinguished from the more charming pieces of old when opium production funded the Hmong’s love of silver ornamentation.

Reference: Paul & Elaine Lewis, Peoples of the Golden Triangle p.39

Diameter: 6cm, 2.4 in
Width of band: 3cm, 1.2 in
Weight: 37grams
Period: Early 20th century

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