Zodiac Monkey Opium Weight Laos EOW154


This tiny, expertly cast opium weight in the form of a monkey eating is one of the many forms of animal weights of the zodiac that were cast in Siam and Laos. Other forms include the rabbit, bull, dog, horse, snake, elephant, deer, pig, and other bird forms. We acquired this weight on a recent trip to northern Thailand where only a very small number of genuine weights remain.

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Opium weights in the form of Chinese solar zodiac animals are most commonly found in Northern Laos and Northern Thailand. Genuine weights from the 19th century and earlier are scarcely seen today, the vast majority having disappeared into collections around the world.

Laotian and Siamese opium weights were generally less accurate than Burmese weights. The mass scales varied from 11.8 grams to 16.3 grams. In 1826AD the mass unit was reported as 11.8 grams. As the mass unit varied over time, weights were sometimes adjusted by removing or adding bronze from or to the base.

Height: 2.5cm, 1in
Base: 1.5cm, .59 in
Weight: 23 grams
Period: 19th Century

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