Taoist Shamanic Ritual Printing Wood Block EUO124


This unusual artifact is a 19th century traditional Taoist ritual printing wood block featuring images of a mythical animal carved into the upper surface. The wood block was used for printing by the village shaman of ghost money to be burned as an offering to the ancestors.

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This Taoist ritual woodblock comes from the Red Dao people of Phu Tho in the mountains of northern Vietnam. It has been used countless times and the relief images have been worn down quite substantially. Authentic Taoist antique printing blocks are very rare nowadays.

A certificate of authenticity along with further details on the rituals of the Red Dao and the role of the Shaman in their society will be provided with this item.

Length:  25.5cm, 10 inches
Height: 3.5cm, 1.4 inches
Period: 19th century
Provenance: Phu Tho, Northern Vietnam

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