Celadon Ceramic Jar Royal Nanhai Shipwreck 1460 AD EUO66


From the kilns of Si Satchanalai in the Kingdom of Sukhothai this celadon ceramic jar or bottle is about 550 years old. Antique ceramics from this region are commonly referred to as Sawankhalok wares and the term covers the production of many hundreds of kilns in central Thailand.

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This antique celadon jar was recovered from the Royal Nanhai shipwreck, a junk bound for Indonesia that sank off the coast of Malaysia. It was loaded with some 20,000 ceramic vessels, including the finest 15thC celadon wares from Sukhothai Kingdom ever seen. Only about 20% of the cargo was recoverable, with 2,000 pieces going to the National Museum in Kuala Lumpur. Most intact pieces have now disappeared into museums and private collections around the world.

It is a beautifully shaped vessel with two lug handles, one of which has been repaired using the original handle. The light green celadon glaze has eroded to a large extent as a result of exposure to the sea environment and there is also evidence of marine growth or ‘sea decoration’ as seen in the photos provided.

This is a rare opportunity to own a 15th Century Sukhothai celadon ceramic piece. A certificate of authenticity will be provided.

Height: 17cm, 6.7in
Diameter: 17cm, 6.7 in
Period: 15th century
Provenance: Chiang Mai, antique dealer

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