Antique Burmese Decorated Wood Panel EUO35


This antique Burmese wood carving was used to protect the flank of mules that were laden with saddle bags for the purpose of transporting goods. The hardwood panel has been decorated with images of chinthei, a mythical lion said to possess magical powers and ward off trouble. The lions are expertly carved, replete with flamboyant tails and manes. The piece is in excellent condition with no repairs.

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The Burmese have been fashioning objects of beauty and utility for over 2,000 years and craftsmen hold an honored role in society. Unlike in the West, the Burmese make no distinction between ‘fine’ and ‘applied’ arts. The arts of wood carving, lacquerware, and metalwork are afforded the same importance as architecture, painting, and sculpture.

There is something inspiring about a people who approach the making of everyday objects with artistic endeavor as demonstrated by this decorated wood panel.

Height: 12cm, 4.7in
Length: 45cm, 18 in
Period: 19th century
Provenance: Antique dealer, Yangon

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