Bronze Khmer Lime Pot – Post Angkor Period EUO85


This antique bronze lime pot was acquired on a recent trip to Cambodia. Cast by the Khmer using high quality bronze it is in the traditional fluted shape with a lotus bud top. This lime container has been recently polished providing a lovely patina with some evidence of green oxidization.

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This bronze Khmer pot served as a vessel for holding slaked lime which was added to betel nut and spices, then chewed, providing a mild intoxication. This was a popular habit throughout much of SE Asia. The lid and base fit perfectly together, which is uncommon. A residue of slaked lime remains inside the container. It is in excellent condition.

Height: 13cm, 5.1 in
Weight: 293 grams
Material: bronze
Provenance: Kampong Cham Province
Period: Post Angkor, mostly likely 15th-18thC

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